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Pet FarePet Fare was established in 1985. Initially created to cope with the delicate digestive system of a three-year-old German Shepherd named Lara, Pet Fare was developed in the kitchen of a private house in Noranda. It might never have been offered for sale had it not been for a friend of the founders who jokingly suggested it should be, following his Collie Kelpie cross having enjoyed a sizable meal of it.

Between January and March 1985 various formulae were tested until the current recipe was settled upon. After professional analysis of the product, the lease of a factory and the purchase of cooking equipment, cool room and vehicle, Pet Fare was officially born on 1st May 1985. A Mrs. Hadfield of Cottesloe, or rather her dog, had the distinction of being the very first customer. A bucket of Pet Fare was delivered around 6pm on 9th May. Both Mrs. Hadfield and her Labrador were delighted with it! The first of many thousands.

In October 2000 the founders gave my wife and I the chance to purchase Pet Fare. As I had been managing Pet Fare since 1993 and my wife had been involved in cleaning duties along with distributing samples for Pet Fare, we felt we had a good understanding of the business and decided to accept the opportunity. The decision to purchase was made easier due to the fact that we have excellent support staff. Eric carries out the production plus shares driving duties, while Julie, his partner, carries out cleaning duties. Both Eric and Julie are willing to help out in any areas they can which makes a big difference when running a small business. 

We have always enjoyed the contact with people and their pets and look forward to introducing our product to more people in the future.


John and Trish



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