Organic Bone Broth for Dogs – Chicken

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Developed in partnership with a leading Australian organic bone broth manufacturer for humans, we are pleased to offer our own specially formulated ORGANIC bone broth for dogs!

This 100% natural and organic bone broth is formulated with 100% human-grade Australian ingredients.

Known for its healing qualities, bone broth can be used to treat a leaky gut, relieve joint pain and boost the immune system. Rich in gelatines, vitamins and minerals, it’s the perfect addition to your dogs food. What better is our bone broth comes in a powder form making it super easy to give to your dog by sprinkling it on their food.

You can re-hydrate it by adding it to warm water, a great way to soften biscuits and kibble for older dogs and puppies.

This specially formulated bone broth for dogs may aid with the following

  • Improve joint & bone health
  • Reduce joint pain & inflammation
  • Healthier fur, skin and teeth
  • Increase muscle development
  • Improve digestion and gut health
  • Immune boosting
  • Development of bones, joints and muscles for puppies

This can be a great boost for the general well-being and maintenance of puppies and adult dogs and reduce ailments for older dogs or dogs recovering from illness

This is a 100% human-grade product using 100% Australian Ingredients

Broth is in a concentrated powder form giving you much more bang for your buck than some of the liquids on the market. It’s also got a great shelf life and is very practical to give to your dog with no mess or waste sticking to your spoon or having to add to their water and half going to waste.

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Chicken Bone Broth Ingredients:

filtered water, organic free-range chicken frames, organic apple cider vinegar.

100% Australian made with human-grade Australian ingredients

Note while the ingredients are 100% human grade, this is dog formulated product and is classified as Pet Food only.


Recommended as meal topper: serve in powdered form by sprinkling on the meal at serving time.

You can rehydrate but it will not 100% dissolve and may take time. To re-hydrate: add 1 tsp to 100ml boiling water and stir until mostly dissolved. Allow to cool before serving.

Serving Size:

  • Dogs up to 10kg: 1 tsp per day
  • Dogs 10-30kg: 2 tsp per day
  • Dogs 30-50kg: 3 tsp per day
  • Dogs over 50kg: 4 tsp per day

NOTE: Guideline only. As this is a pure food, you will not harm your dog by giving more broth than the recommended daily dose.


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