100% Pure Hemp Seed Oil for pets

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There are many benefits of having 100% Raw Pet Hemp Seed Oil in your diet.

Dogs can be suffering with anxiety, allergies and arthritis, Hemp seed oil helps with these conditions and much more. 100% Pure Hemp Seed Oil for pets is a great immune booster for both humans and pets. Great for strengthening your bones…

Assist your fluffy friend’s overall health and vitality with our natural and Australian farmed hemp seed oil. Wag Tail Natural 100% Pure Hemp Seed Oil for Pets is cold-pressed straight from the hemp seed and is a wholesome source of sustenance containing nutrients vital for dogs and cats, making it an ideal plant-based source of nutrition.

 Helps maintain normal skin and coat health

 Vegan friendly all natural plant-based 

 Health benefits of Omega 3, 6 & 9

 No artificial preservatives or additives

 Sourced direct from Australian farms

 Human-grade quality


100% Pure Hemp Seed Oil for pets good for dogs and cats?

Hemp seed oil is rich in two essential fatty acids: Linolenic acid (Omega-3) and Linoleic acid (Omega-6). Polyunsaturated fats, are not produced naturally by your pet’s body and is beneficial to be included in their diet.

Wag Tail Natural 100% Pure Hemp Seed Oil for pets is cold pressed straight from the hemp seed. Using unique cold pressing methods that maintain low temperatures to retain a fresh, pure and natural flavour. It has nothing added, no artificial preservatives making it a healthy omega oil feed supplement for dogs and cats.

Subscribe and add your Wag Tail Hemp oil to a food order…. It makes life that little simpler

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Guide to daily rates

The chart below can be used for suggested feeding amounts, or as directed by a veterinarian. This is a guide only and amounts may vary according to your pets size, age and activity levels. as a rough guide you should be looking at something like a suggested feeding rate 0.5ml per 100g of feed.

Pet size Volume (ml)
Very Small (upto 5 kg)  0.5 ml
Small (5 kg-10 kg)  0.5 ml – 1.0 ml
Medium (10 kg – 25 kg)  1.0 ml – 2.5 ml
Large (25 kg – 50 kg)  2.5 ml – 5.0 ml
Very Large (above 50 kg)  6.0ml


How to give hemp seed oil to dogs and cats

100% Pure Hemp Seed Oil for pets can be taken daily as part of a healthy, balanced diet. As with anything new for your pet we recommend you start with a small amount of  the hemp seed oil added to their food, you can then introduce more over time. It is also recommended to discuss any health concerns with your veterinarian.

Note: It is not recommended to cook or heat oil as it may turn rancid.

Ingredients: Cold pressed Australian hemp seed oil

Disclaimer: Nutritional supplement product for inclusion in animal’s feed. Product has no therapeutic effect.

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