Dog Treat Toy with 100g Beef bites

$18.00$26.50 available on subscription


Keep your dog entertained with a Ruff Play Dog Treat Toy with 100g Beef bites as the ideal treat toy filler!

You can choose from a Toy Tyre Treat Roller(available in small, Medium and Large) or a Toy Treat Tumbler(available in Small and Large). Both are great at keeping your dog stimulated, giving YA FLUF something to use their problem solving skills to move the toy around and enjoy the health all natural treats at playtime!

RUFF PLAY Dog Toy Treat Tumbler

Keep your pups tail wagging with the Ruff Play Treat Tumbler, a treat-dispensing toy that stimulates your dogs problem-solving skills while providing a hearty dose of playtime fun with its unpredictable wobbly movements.

  • Holds treats ready for active play with incentive
  • Wobbly motion keeps dogs engaged
  • Made with high-quality materials for enhanced durability
  • Color: Small Yellow/Red.  Large Orange/blue for high visibility
  • Material: Non-toxic and robust construction
  • Diameter: Small is Size: (W)7.5 x(L)7.5 x(H)11cm Large: (W)11 x(L)11 x(H)15cm  both are suitable for various treat sizes
Pet Suitability & Product Care
  • entertaining for small to large breeds
  • easy to clean design
  • Recommended for supervised play to prevent destructive behavior

RUFF PLAY Dog Toy Tyre Treat roller

The Ruff Play Dog Toy Tyre Treat Roller combines engaging fun with a mental workout, ideal for dogs that love to gnaw. This durable rubber toy is cleverly designed to conceal treats, providing hours of interactive entertainment.

  • Interactive design to keep your dog stimulated whilst chasing/dispensing treats
  • Durable rubber construction to withstand active play
  • Sizes small, medium, and large
  • Great for dental hygiene by cleaning teeth and massaging gums
  • Made with durable non-toxic Rubber for safe play
  • Material: Durable Rubber
  • Colour: Vibrant Blue
  • Size Small: Diameter – 8.3 cm
  • Size Medium: Diameter – 10.2 cm
  • Size Large: Diameter – 12 cm
Pet Suitability & Product Care
  • Suited for moderate to aggressive chewers
  • Easy to clean, just rinse with water
  • Always check the toy for wear and replace if damaged

Beef Training Bites

Beef Training Bites are made especially for a quick small training treat or for use in hollow toys which can entertain your dog for longer periods. These are easy on the belly and small enough to give a good few without filling your pet up!

Each training bite is about the size of a pea (0.5 x 1cm) fitting conveniently into the holes and teeth of many varieties of boredom toys.

Make the most of your Kong by placing these bites in between all of the teeth or inside.

Beef Flavour: 75% Beef Meal and 25% Chickpea Flour

In comparison to normal flour, chickpea flour is wheat free. Therefore it provides more vitamin, fiber, protein and minerals with far less calories and carbs which is great for dogs on a diet.

Made with 100% Australian Ingredients with no additives, preservatives and no added sugar.

Subscribe and with your dogs next food order add a Dog Treat Toy with 100g Beef bites to keep them busy…. It adds a little fun!

To make dog ownership that little bit more playful, here at Pet Fare we offer an easy subscription/delivery service. Add treatsbiscuitsraw meathealth supplements, toys and even bedding to your order and get free delivery when over $99. We deliver across Perth metro Yanchep to Rockingham, Fremantle to Mount Helena we have you covered with delivery every week.

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Large Ruff Play Dog Toy Treat Tumbler and 100g Beef bites, Large Ruff Play Dog Toy Tyre Treat roller and 100g Beef bites, Medium Ruff Play Dog Toy Tyre Treat roller and 100g Beef bites, Small Ruff Play Dog Toy Treat Tumbler and 100g Beef bites, Small Ruff Play Dog Toy Tyre Treat roller and 100g Beef bites